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Legs’n Jewels illustration

I found a little time to complete a piece I had started a while ago… I call it “My chick’s drumsticks.” See it better here.

My chick's drumsticks

5 Responses to “Legs’n Jewels illustration”

  1. flly Says:

    very nice, i like it.
    im more exited about sky, but both legs & sky is pro

  2. Kindle aka Mara :) Says:

    Hi Mihai!!! :D

  3. Mihai Says:

    Hi Mara.. long time no see:)

  4. Rohan Rodrigo Says:

    Hi !
    This is great! must have lot of pations to do this type of a great job, specially those legs with details. Did you use a photo as a guide or a imaginative one?
    Also I saw your other stuff too, very exciting creations. Keep it up.

  5. Steve M Says:

    Legs Illustration
    Can I use your illustration for my business website? How much to buy it from you?

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