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Crete vacation pics

I decided to give in and use Picasa . I tried to hold out.. but they’ve gotten too good.
So here goes - this year’s vacation pics from Crete :

This is for Crete in general - the island we spent most of the vacation. Includes a short trip to the temple of Knossos, waterpark, driving around and getting tans

This is at Gramvousa Bay - the westernmost accessible point of Crete. Check out the beach dudes and duddettes.. a trip here is well worth the 3 hour hellish drive over pointed rocks and swerving madly to avoid goats… The most tropical-like place available in Europe.. and the only place where the water is clearer than in pirate movies set in Jamaica…

And finally - this is for Santorini, the island of honeymooners (rich ones). If you ever saw a “Greek adventure” poster - chances are you saw a pic from Santorini. It’s a place worth visiting at least once in a lifetime.

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