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MacBook AIR Sleeve & Pouch

Fun weekend project.
So here goes… Remember when Steve got out the MBA from that manilla folder? We all wow-ed right? Well, turns out my significant other got so wowed she decided she must have one. MBA that is.. not the manilla folder. But lo and behold there’s no sleeve or folder or case for the MBA. Not here in the boons anyways.
So she could either order one from manila mac and wait forever (as it seems they’re all sold out most of the time) or… she could punch her boyfriend in the shins saying “you’re a designer right? you can do better than those dudes.”

So yeah. I got my revenge. I used one of her coats. Leather.. and wonder of wonders - with a leopard underside hah!
Of course it wasn’t enough to have just a sleeve. There’s the adapters, cables and whatnot that need to be carried as well. So I made a pouch too.
This is what came of it.

sleeve & pouch
the buttons are leather too. I found those in my mom’s buttons case. She has this old navy biscuits tin can filled with buttons and needles and such. Things like that are so ubiquitous I’m willing to bet 60% of households worldwide have a tin can filled with buttons (must write essay on tin cans and buttons)

sleeve open
the edges of the sleeve are stiffened with a meter-long piece of IV transfusion tube sewn inside a leather flap. The tube should provide some cushioning too in case the laptop falls on its edge… I hope never to test it. Also since the whole thing was sewn by hand it provided a nice way to cover my not so straight lines.

pouch open
the open pouch. I figured since the MBA uses Leopard… and since time immemorial leopard print was used to pimp stuff up … well it went well together. You can see some of my less fortunate sewing techniques here. When it’s closed you can’t see the bad parts though :)

For more (and larger) pics head on to the Sleeve&Pouch Project set on flickr.

6 Responses to “MacBook AIR Sleeve & Pouch”

  1. leopard macbook air Says:

    i’ll buy that for $100, make another one for me ^_^
    how much do u want for those? they’re really cute :D
    email me back if you’re interested.
    Thank you


  2. Dan Says:

    That looks great, Mihai! Could you make me a new case for, ummm, I don’t know… my car?

  3. Mihai Says:

    haha I would. Didn’t know you kept a watch on me Dan :)
    If you have a giant coat that can fit a car… maybe…

    Umm Ceejay - it’s not mine..I just made it. you gotta talk to my chick. But I know what she’ll say…

  4. Ceejay Says:

    that’s the most beautiful case i’ve ever seen (very creative)
    well just email me if u have any idea..
    i’ll wait. :D


  5. Jay Says:

    How Much??? I want one!!!

  6. bypredo Says:

    very very crafty, you could represent perfectly Ion Creanga’s character.
    good job

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