.ai Tutorials

This is for all you Illustrator fans out there.. who’re just starting out.
Illustrator has (I think) the fewest tutorials on the web. I mean even Corel has more tuts fer crissakes.

It’s about time this changed.

I have a few tutorials I’d like to share. They’re not a lot.. but they’re good to start you up. Been meaning to add them here for a while now. It took an email from the Template Monster Educational Network asking for permission to list them on Vectorials to get me off my lazy ass and actually do something about it.

Anyways, here we go - these little dudes below… get used to them - they’s gonna be your teachers for the next..umm 2 or 3 tutorials:

A little word to the wise:
My tutorials are for people who know a little Photoshop and want to start learning Illustrator. You need to have some idea of the general interface and be willing to dig up other cool stuff. Any questions you may have well - you might write me for help or you may find your answer on google…or maybe a book.

And here they are: